Friday, January 18, 2008

a sidenote

i guess some people got the idea that the companies who created many of the products on here are paying me to advertise for them. well as much as id like a years supply of lawrys or steve jobs to send me that insane ass macbook touch prototype- i have a feeling i wont be getting either. honestly, im not that important. though if someone wants to put a word in id love to get this sick versace interior design on my private jet (oh yeah i dont have a jet either so if you could throw that in too). anyway, this blog is for fun. it is pretty shallow. its about design and wishes and pictures. not so much words, grammar or any deeper sense of understanding. this is the shit i think is cool some of it i have most of it i cant find or afford.

" catharsis20 said...
kind of snuck out of my body for a moment.
kind of cool.
lack of sleep is wonderful.

you should try it sometime.

i don't think he cares if the world agrees with him.
i don't count this as cynism
but i wish everyone would get over their materialism..
as stupid or as useless as that might be.

'go to sleep, kid. no one's listening.'

i doubt he reads your comments.

January 14, 2008 9:53 PM"

im reading what you have to say. following your links. sitting on your front lawn.


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xoxo said...

dude, the macbook touch. something destructive motherfuckers can't have. something destructive motherfuckers want.

Melanie said...

Holy christ chex, that is amazing.

If I could have a privet jet, I'd probably have to get it decked out in bubble wrap.

How amazing would that be? =D

I don't see why you're not allowed to be 'shallow' or post what ever you want on your own blog.

If people don't want to read this blog, no one is making them.

It's just a waste of comment space, and frankly, it makes my eyes ache.


veritas44 said...

sending you love from the other side of the world. <3

check out my writings and lemme know what you think about it - if you wish =)

maroon&white said...

now im looking for that macbook!! that plane is pretty cool. wait if you are sitting on my front lawn ur probably cold because it is snowing here.

Pretty_In_Punk_Fiona said...

who wouldn't want to have these things? thanks for sharing just a little bit more of ur life wit us. the majority of us appreciate the time u take to do stuff like this.

mistakenbyme said...


thats one hell of an interior design. would be awesome if i was the one who designed it.

if that even makes sense.

ha. Pete u actually read these?
like all of them?

well give Hemingway a pat 4 me.
& say hi 2 Ashlee for me.



lilangelof2006 said...

That is reall cool. There is a lot of things out there that i cant have cuz i work a minimum wage job and cant find a real job. I think that they shouldnt make it at all unless everyone can have it.

N//Z. said...

i want a private jet so i can go and see fall out boy for the first time!
oh i can imagine that *dreams*

hey, i dont wanna bother you but i wrote something for you, a little poem or whatever, and if you dont mind... i would love you to read it :)

Anonymous said...

This might be the closest to the Tantive IV that I ever get...

Anonymous said...

Britney got LV in her SUV...why cant you get some in your jet!?
O wait...didnt she get sued for that or something?
For what its worth I hope someone sends you the Mac.
p.s. you and she look so happy. that is so good for you. You actualy made it on E last night. OMG I think you must be big time famous now!

Jennifer said...


If your ass is on my front lawn, let me give you a piece of advice.

It's fucking cold out there,like 4 degrees, and you're going to get frostbite, you big dork!

I'm glad you're reading all these. It makes time pass when you're bored, some comments are funny, and some you can't tell just what the hell they're trying to say, but hey we're your fans, and you're good to us.

Stay warm, hope there's no mudslides where you are, and if you are on someone's lawn, you're in carharts or something warm.

One word: Facemask


petexwentzlove said...

I'm seriously considering putting a note in to the apple store in the annapolis mall to get you some of that shit! But hey, I'll write something about it on my blog, that shit gets around.

/S said...

Everyone's allowed to be shallow sometimes.
And, if you have the means to get everything that you want, more power to you.

Chantelle said...

Sitting on fans' lawns instead of fans sitting on yours. Sure it makes a nice change for you :) Watch the bindi's on mine. They cane if you forget to put your shoes on. The glow-in-the-dark sneakers might help. Though they might freak out the neighbours.

ilovepetewentz said...

hey pete i understand what you'r saying and we (the real fan's) know and belive that you real do read what we say and that you shouldent responde to ant thing that any one say's about you that's not good you know that you have us behinde you for ever and you are giveing them what they want by copying and patseing ther fucking rude comment's and who ever is saying rude thing's about pete this blog isint for you so fuck off and go google how to get a life well pete i just wanted to say that jet is wicked hot and so are you babe lol stay awsome nikki

ilovepetewentz said...

hey pete i understand what you'r saying and we (the real fan's) know and belive that you real do read what we say and that you shouldent responde to ant thing that any one say's about you that's not good you know that you have us behinde you for ever and you are giveing them what they want by copying and patseing ther fucking rude comment's and who ever is saying rude thing's about pete this blog isint for you so fuck off and go google how to get a life well pete i just wanted to say that jet is wicked hot and so are you babe lol stay awsome nikki

ilovepetewentz said...

hey pete i understand what you'r saying and we (the real fan's) know and belive that you real do read what we say and that you shouldent responde to ant thing that any one say's about you that's not good you know that you have us behinde you for ever and you are giveing them what they want by copying and patseing ther fucking rude comment's and who ever is saying rude thing's about pete this blog isint for you so fuck off and go google how to get a life well pete i just wanted to say that jet is wicked hot and so are you babe lol stay awsome nikki

Anonymous said...

lol you're sitting on my front lawn?? ur crazy, come inside man....since im from Australia id come inside before Corey takes you to a

follow this link....then you might be able to find out where i live.. :O

Anonymous said...

Possibly the most 'down to earth' there is. Stay that way. xo xo I'll buy you a private jet. I'm currently attempting to hit the lotto. =)

Anonymous said...

its nice to have this insight into your thoughts,its not shallow because everyone has likes and dislikes.theres nothing wrong with whoring them.

and i didnt think you read all these,or followed all our links,but im commenting anonymously from now on.

Anonymous said...

fucking hell thats awesome!
if only i had that kind of money!
that macbook touch though....omg im lusting after it now

trustxjunkie said...

aw, i just had a moment of warm fuzzy connected-feeling-ness. :]

you make me smile, even when you're just posting about random cool shit.

it's awesome that you read the comments people leave on stuff- i know a lot of people wouldn't. hell, sometimes *i* don't check comments on things (livejournal, specifically) and i'm not even busy with shit most of the time.

oh, and if you're on my front lawn, could you rake some leaves while you're out there? ;] kidding, kidding. at least it's not fucking freezing here like some places. arizona wins! haha

hope you're having a good morning. ^^

trustxjunkie said...

p.s. i totally did steal my username from one of your blog posts. what of it? xD

Anonymous said...

hahaha i had an intense convo about you and Trohman reading all our shit on we thought you'd find some of us hilarious, others creepy....we talked bout it for like 2 hours and how i think i need to be more careful what i post...oops. xo

TheCarCrashHearted said...

Without you,your music,your lyrics or Fall Out Boy I don't know who the hell I'd be... Probably unnoticed and useless like the moonlights shadows in the day or something. Thanks to you guys I've realised who I am and who I want to be.

So if I could, I'd get my pilots license and fly you anywhere you want in a jet like that... cos you, pat, andy and joe ARE that important.
At least you are to me....
(and I count as someone don't I?)

so thank you, for making my life the way it should be...

Anonymous said...

If you're on the lawn, don't knock on the window closest to the door.

My roommate has this odd sense of dislike for you. She'd probably beat you up.


Mara Issabel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa said...

Well Pete, If I may take this opportunity to tell you a few things.You seem to be the least of the shallow celebrities out there. I've been a fan of FOB for a few years, and even though I don't know you personally, I feel the words you put on paper or type out on blogs are insanely depth defying. You can't be shallow and deep at the same time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working your ass off, and having nice things. You've earned them. If not with records sales, and grueling tour schedules, then with your privacy, I have to admit even I invade, everytime I log into sites, just to see what you're up to. I didn't realize just how horrible it was until I read your response to the "cage in a zoo" comment on FOBR. It made me feel shallow, and heartless to think that it's people like me who prepetuate the media frenzy that surrounds you. For that I'm sorry. You seem to have such a decent heart, and you truly care about your fans. What you willingly give us, should be enough.

Chantelle said...

Ditto that Melissa. Cheers Pete.

ariiiiiii said...

peter you're always going to have people trying to see the worst in you.
you're always going to have people who naturally tear you up just to bring you down.
i at least do not find you one bit materlialistic or a sell-out, so don't worry.
having read your articles in AP and in Rolling Stone, I really get the sense of how the music industry is going right now.
But as you said, this blog is for fun, and you're posting stuff on it to share things YOU think are interesting and snazzy to the people you love, your fans.
Just because there are monsters under the bed, doesn't mean we can't sleep there.

Betsy said...

omg that's awesome lol oh and by the way i was playing rockband lastnight and we unlocked ur song dead on arrival, so of course we had to play it, i sang and got a 95% but when i tried to play the bass only on Medium, it was so hard, have you ever played your own song? if you did, did you fail?

ms.stump((cobraluv)) said...

i'm thinking of doing my own blog......

maybe it will ((workout))

Steph said...

If you are sitting on my lawn, you think you can shovel the snow while you are out there? Good thing I deleted my last comment that linked you to my blog. To personal for you to read but I enjoy getting a small glimpse into your thoughts. Thanks.

sceaterian said...

Oh good grief, Pete. Must you encourage them?

This morning I had a 10 minute conversation with myself about the song Golden. Craving something deeper lately. Tired of microwave discussions (pop it in, get it warmed up and scarf it down in 30 seconds flat).

Give us a topic worth discussing (besides politics, as worthy as that subject is, very few people care).

Anonymous said...

don't think you are lame just b/c you only write about products and sh-t.
i am lame b/c all i write about is commiting suicide and going to sleep and never waking up.

Anonymous said...

Danielle said...

But what if you spilled grape juice. It would look like Barney puked over that very expensive custom jet!

Anonymous said...

i think ur the only person who would post a blog at 3:12 AM peter.
10 points for you xD


who would we request the jet from?
what if i make u a mini one
that ur dolls can fly in...
even tho i have never built a jet replica before. or a replica of any sort.

how about a paper airplane?


come sit on my lawn netime u want.
just ignore my dog barking at you for hours til you leave.
and ignore me sitting there staring at u.
and ignore the snow.
even tho its kinda warm outside xD

haha. hope someone sends u the mac
that would be totally badass.

[my homestars]

Mara Issabel said...


you can write whatever the hell you want to. this is your blog. don't pay any attention to them. you can be as shallow as you want to be. you don't need to write depth and wordplay all the time. we know you are an AMAZING writer. just let your song lyrics do it for you. (to be honest, my friend and I are still trying to interpret some of them.) =P

and by the way, i'm lusting after that macbook touch and versace interior! if only i have a private jet to go with it...

and with all fairness to catharsis20, he/she writes some killer shit.

=] said...

Good god.
Does Pete ever sleep?

isaa. said...

ok i DON'T speack english.
but i khonw the you are peter wentz!
soo... HELLO! ok, whatever. ¬¬'
i'm fine, i think oO'
ok, i'm trying to understand your poxt.
Then I will make a comment "good" after translating it...

have a nice day pete :DD

isaa said...

ooow, i forget! i'm from brazil!! :DD
when you guys como herer again? *_*

Mara Issabel said...

oh yeah... and Peter, you should ask Patrick to sing you to sleep. you really need one. badly.

Kristi said...

Just came across this, somehow i'm late.

Don't let anyone tell you it's shallow,
especially if it would make you think of stopping.

That jet is beautiful. I'm not usually one to lean towards real brands, but good god.

And thanks, so much, for making me lust after that macbook touch so hard. as if i wouldn't break it in like 2 days. (and as if i have that kind of money, when i can't afford tuition)

Keep this up, it's like mutual commercial masturbation, and it's kind of awesome.

Anonymous said...

WENTZ, if you're really reading what we're saying, then read this: Did you guys ever get the scrapbook the boardies made? Chrissey gave it to Travie in November, and we were expecting someone to say SOMETHING about it. It's not for recognition, we just want to know that you got it. We're having a feeling it'll never be in your hands and we did all that work for nothing.

lightfrenzy said...

That's all i wanted to hear.

Melissa said...

If you are sitting on my front lawn, you are crrrazy! It's 17 degrees outside, so you might want to come inside :D

Wow, I don't think that could have sounded any creepier than it did.

Anywho, I'd tell you to 'read my blog pretty please' but mine has one post that doesn't mean a thing. I don't have the patience for one anymore. haha.

Keep li(o)ving.

decaydancer123 said...

hahah! im laughin so hard right now. hey, i want a jet too, if i ever get one, i will share it with you, fer shure =]].

and if yr really reading this, i've wanted to say this to you forever.... hi.

[long][live[[the][car][crash][hearts] said...

It made me smile that now everyone has realised he read this, the comments have changed tack.

If your sitting on our front lawn we're sleeping on your front porch

cheap shot right.

as shallow as you like, this genuinelly means a lot to some

just another romantic said...

cool pic.

this blog is good to read when i can't sleep
-just so you know, that's supposed to be a compliment :)

(and tell me beforehand if you're gonna be sitting on my front lawn. i would've brought you starbucks or something)

Waiting to Never Grow Up said...

I like the black and white but its not better then my Kick ass 70's couches which is gold plated at the bottom.. theres a picture in my blog if you want to take the time to mosey on over there and take a look...

P.S. if you are sitting on my lawn.. stop... get up and come visit, ill make you a cup of coffee, only i cant cause we dont have coffee but you can have some cookies. i like meeting people dont be shy :)

Anonymous said...

pete, your gonna get sick if you stay on my front lawn- its 50 something and pouring rain! you can come in and bring the rest of fob and we'll have a party.
dont pay attention to the assholes who have nothing better to do than make fun of good people- (ive never met you but you seem like an awesome person and friend), and remember that the diehards will always be with you guys, no matter what.

ps- bring some sprinkles cupcakes to the party- i want to try them- they sound delicious :D

Waiting to Never Grow Up said...

thought id send you a link so it would be easier to get to if you wanted to see the pimp ass couches

Me. :) said...

you know you love our creepy/obsessive comments ;)

brittany said...

i think its more than awesome that you actually take the time to read our obsessive comments. it makes us red in the cheeks over and over again so keep up with it=]


XxpatdxfobxgirlxX said...

reality is only as real as you make it. all that stuff is cool, but i'd rather have none of it. surprisingly enough, im just happy with music and my bass guitar.

Shauna said...

If only I had a front lawn. Apartments suck, cities suck, and being an adult (and paying bills) also...suck.

Guav said...

Son, you want this.

Anonymous said...

sitting on my lawn? pishposh...

come hang out at my lunch table. there's room.

[pill]owtalk said...

Aha my friend and I were having a convo about privet jets today in college. We decided that because were sick of getting the trin there were gonna get a huge pink jet and fly to college, and it will have our names in HUGE print on the side, and it will be full of amazing crap (and I'll hide her rap CD.) This may seem like stupidity but it was better than listing to our lecturer ramble on about something - I'm not too sure what it was anyway. XD

SullenSunshine said...

I have been reading what you're writing for almost 2 years. [i've read: the one in fueledbyramen, all the archieve in FOB's old website, the one in friendsorenemies and this one]
I feel like I know you, I can relate to what you are writing so many times.
Yours and FOBs boys cheers me up everytime i'm down. I live in Israel and i don't know if you remember the war we had last summer [summer of 06']-i can't forget, everytime the alarm went on[ and it happened quite a lot because i live in the north] I put the headphones on, listened to your songs, and try to relax and get better. you have no idea what it feels like until it happens to you.

The reason i'm writing you this comment is because I would just want to say THANK YOU and never stop playing music or writing,
don't let anyone get you down, don't listen to the haters and don't think you're shallow because you're one of the good ones.
Have a nice weekend.

Shahaf, Israel

invadernina (I forgot my password!) said...

*giggles* You read my comments...that makes me inanely happy for some reason. I think it's cool that you have this blog, I mean, not everything you write has to be deep or whatever. It's kind of cool to just feel like I can read what you have to say about everyday stuff, the kind of conversation I'd have with a friend.

Because I am seriously creepy. Seriously...really, really creepy. I like finding out the stuff you like because I honestly like you a lot, and I think you're very cool.

Anyway, this quote reminded me of you the other day:
"He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it."
--Douglas Adams

If you read this, maybe you could tell me about a book that you like? I'm a curious little bunny.

ashley said...

It's really sad that people would think you would be shallow enough to advertise for money. guess they forget your still a normal guy who has wishes and wants like the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

i really really appreciate how real you are. so many people these days are just.. idk so fake. and you just tell it like it is.. its great.

P.S. if you really are outside, can i come sit with you? We can sit and make intense conversation.

Deidre said...

you can sit on my front lawn. but it's winter might be a little chilly. you can come in though. i make some pretty rad hot chocolate.


Deidre said...

ps- its nice to know you read our comments. makes me feel worthwhile even for a second to you.

Anonymous said...

Don't think it's shallow, you're just posting stuff you like.
It reminds me of Kanye's blog....

Anonymous said...

Oh i forgot here's a link to his blog if you're at all interested. He posts some bad ass stuff.

built to spill said...

well since your following links..

they are making a where the wild things are movie if you didn't already know! i'm so excited

xXxpwnstarxXx said...

that interior is pretty sweet. personally, i enjoy this blog...get to see some interesting things, no matter who posted the stuff. my days are spent with working 40 hrs/week, class 12hrs/week, and driving to and from both places about 10hrs/week. no joke. not including my class projects, some of which include hacking various websites...again, no joke. don't worry, you are safe...i only attack who the teacher tells me to. anyway, im off to work a 10 hour shift today. ta-ta.

chaosjunkie said...

i am loving this blog, this stuff is awesome! i can't wait until fall out boy comes through texas again. you can count on me being there.

.sending you love from austin.

Beduss said...

Wow, im glad you read our comments, it humbles me.
And eh, you dont have to be good with words all the time. Pictures mean more sometimes.
And oh, how i love the wishlists.
Oh Peter, one suggestion though, try to sleep kiddo. :)
You make me smile

Beduss said...

And oh, Peter, do you know when the patd tickets are going on sale in england?

caiti borne said...

"honestly i'm not that important"?? you are. your music has helped me through some really bad times and for that i can say thanks. so even if you're not important to other people, you are to me.

Anonymous said...

the stuff on here is pretty cool. if people have a problem with what's posted, why do they keep reading it & keep complaining?
my friend showed me a facebook group on something she likes, & it's annoying to read a bunch of comments that say how stupid the group is. you have to be in it to leave a comment so they're stupid for being in it.

Katrina said...

"sitting on your front lawn."??

Oh that was you? Sorry i called the Police on you then! lol xo

Bex xo said...

I'm not really the sort of kid who comments blogs and stuff but you proved that you do actually read these. And I don't think you can be shallow for that 'cause not many people do read this sort of stuff.
Is there any chance you could let me know some way (like in another blog post) that you've read this. I've been having a tough time recently and it would make my year.

Much, much love
Bex Ex's and Oh's

Anonymous said...

lol there will always be a couple stupid comments that are just rude or creepy. don't let them bother you at all.

Dorotea said...

Following my links?!


I'm sorry, but that seriously would be amazing if you! Thanks, Pete!!!

melanie said...

Woahh. That's one fancy plane. Or jet, whatever. If I had one, I'd probably use it to bring me to concerts more than anything else. For now, I'm thankful for public transportation. Even if it takes three hours and I have to switch trains four times... at least it gets me to the shows <3

As for the haters, pff, let them think what they want. I like to just tune them out of my own little world. This blog makes me smile, so it doesn't matter much what anyone else says about it.

Your heart beats for the diehards... but so do ours. Knowing you care about your fans, read what we have to say, and are actually interested.. it means a lot. It's like...There's Pete Wentz, bass player of Fall Out Boy and there's Pete Wentz, a person just like me.
And your posts on FOE or in your blogs connect the two and just.. make people happy xD

& I don't have a front lawn so a backyard will have to do. Bring Hemingway along, I'm sure my cats would love him ;)

mouse said...

Maybe it's not really peter, but it's his whole vibe and job really to be a salesman. he sells clothes, music, himself. and people eat him up. so, maybe its just because of what peter does for a living that people thought that of him.
we dont know him so we cant really comment on whether or not he's shallow.
plus, there are so many thigns we could be doing with ourselves than worrying about silly stuff like this.
but peter, i love you for alwasy explaining your side of the story to confused untrusting people.

BuriedUnder33 said...

wow would love to travel in this plane hehe cool blog Pete! things I dream to have that I'll probably never have but it's cool to see things like that haha...

okay A lot of people probably ask you this but... I've written a 'little' something on my blog and if you have anytime... it would be cool if you can read it

anyway keep on rocking Pete!


Dorotea [[CodeAires]] said...

Psst, Pete, click my link now...I just made one of these blogs, too.

If you're bored, that is. Don't want to waste your time :D

XO said...

i love the massive amounts of comments you get now, now that you said you actually read them.

owl said...

He lives the lives we all think we want to. i wonder what's underneath it all? i mean, ive always heard people saying 'oh yeah, it's not all it's cracked up to be' but id still like to know. Theres gotta be something going on where we cant see. I mean, anyone whose put into a life like this cant stay normal, can they?

owl said...

He lives the lives we all think we want to. i wonder what's underneath it all? i mean, ive always heard people saying 'oh yeah, it's not all it's cracked up to be' but id still like to know. Theres gotta be something going on where we cant see. I mean, anyone whose put into a life like this cant stay normal, can they?

Elizabeth Bennet said...

If you're ever out on my lawn, don't forget the radio, Llyod.

Anonymous said...

Saying that you read all these comments proves that you're still a *fairly* normal human being that cares about your fans, not some dipshit celebrity who couldn't give two shits about their fans. Congrats.

And, omg, Llyod is the best movie ever.

earthbound_stars said...

Maybe not to versace or snobs like that, but you're important to us. the people who listen to your words and band and read and live through everything you write. And wouldn't dirty decorate a private jet soo much better than versace? he'd at least know your taste.
and oh wee..i wonder if joe has these:

deaonarrivalxo said...

sitting on my front lawn?
sounds a bit stalker-ish...

From Sam, With Love said...

Oh the things i would do for a macbook touch :|

Post what you want. I link my friends to overly expensive junk i dont really need all the time. They're cool with it.


112 said...

everyone finds at least SOMTHING so freakin awsome tha they want to tell people....tahs what this is for..i do it too..only its pictures that i send to my friends instead.....
p.s- its cold in chi-town, put on a coat or somthing.. dont want you to get sick :D

alice said...

kinda creepy how one guy has infuence over so many kids/people. you must be scared shitless most of the time.

molly:-) said...

the people wasting their life posting how much they hate this blog dont know what their talking about. a private jet would be nice

*I*swear*to*God*I'm*through*with*this* said...

you read ALL the comments? haha you rock dont ever change! i mean it.

*I*swear*to*God*I'm*through*with*this* said...

you read ALL the comments? haha you rock dont ever change! nice pic of the interior of a jet.

jenrools said...

I just think everyone wants a piece of your mind. But they also need to realize 100 comments is a lot to go through.

maybe one day everyone in the world will be happy..
haha yeah right.

i'll buy you a jet.

megg said...

heyy. i knew this blog was just for fun. i have talked to people that do think think you are just advertising. but i know you better than that. your a unique person. there will never be anyone like quite like Peter Wentz. <3

sue e. side said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
young and modern said...

avril lavigne has a private jet haha i just find that funny. i remember the first time i saw you get in a limo, that was surreal for me. probably for you too.

go big or go home ha ha

[Jessica] said...

For some reason, Pete, I just love what you have to say. You're so metaphoric yet so fascinating.
I love reading about the things you want because its simply proof that you're a human being.
Oh, and I just thought I'd add this since I was many days late for that Obama/Clandestine shirt thing.
I'm impressed to find you supporting Obama- I think he could give us some real change in this dysfunctional government[*cough*presidentbush*cough*]
Have a lovely day =]

magentarose38 said...

There's nothing wrong with wanting nice things, plus working your butt off and buying nice things helps the economy. Hurting innocent people to get things would be wrong, but Pete is nice and helps invisiblechildern right. F-word anyone who criticizes him.

Sammi said...

The only thing sitting on my lawn is a plastic snowman that i dont feel like putting away.

aznfoblover said...

if you're on my front lawn, then you must be invisible. but i hope you like the weather. it feels like summer.

everyone deserves to get what they want for at least a little while. so don't pay attention to the haters.

and i recommend putting bacon salt up on here. even though i have no clue where to get it.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever get tired of having a million girls kiss your ass? How many times can one person hear "OMG I love you Pete Wentz" before it just doesn't mean that much anymore? You are after all, just a human being. Not saying I don't think your lyrics are mind blowing, not saying your band doesn't kick ass, and not saying that you probably are an amazingly intelligent, but still you're just a human being. I think I can like your music without kissing your ass right?

Rach, yeah. said...

I dont have many words, I'm not actually feeling creative, which is a first.
But yeah, that last part made me smile.
Also, I hate planes, so this does nothing for me.
Though it is very pretty.
I'm contradicting myself now, and should leave.
It's a bit crazy to think you read all these comments, and I dont know if I believe it, but I want to.

Anonymous said...

how wonderfully embarrassing.

pronouns are easily misinterpreted.
i haven't the slightest notion that i know anything about anyone, just doubts and bad guesses.

oh well.
just proves I can make people hate me before they [n]ever meet me.
don’t waste your time. really.

but thanks for the friend i've made by coming here.
who would've thought?

Anonymous said...

and now everyone knows i can't spell 'cynicism '.

holyheadphones28 said...

this is completely off topic
hopefully not to the point of annoyance.
we have a history fair for school.
idk what topic i should do
the theme is Turning Points Of History
i was hoping for something music related && actually interesting.
but if u have any sort of idea then do tell!
[this is for Pete but obviously any other commenters can help out!]

a girl's life. said...

i agree...if people don't want to read then peace out. stop wasting space.

but yes--that interior on the jet is amazing. i don't even want to know how much that costs.

i'm still a broke college kid.

oh well, such is life.

DeerboyFOBfan44 said...

that's funny! the front lawn thing too. I think Pete has seen my house before. That's the scary thing. But he can sit on my lawn if he wants, I don't care. I'll just throw some food out to him every once in a while. Pete is the coolest. I want to know though, if he doesn't have a jet, then how did they do the "Infinity Flight" thing? If any of you know, let me know. Send me a myspace message at or e-mail me at


Coley said...

"im reading what you have to say. following your links. sitting on your front lawn."

..that's really creepy. but if you want to sit on my front lawn, i'm perfectly okay with it, as long as you bring a boom box and play "in your eyes" okay?

grey.skies.dark.lies said...

oh god.
do u read our comments on FOBr?
it's not what it sounds like! lol

Sam said...

from the first day I started reading it, I never thought this blog was for advertising. I immediately saw it as a space where you, pete, would be like "hey, guys, check out how cool this is!" sharing a piece of your life with us, just as many of us try to share a piece of our life with you. I really appreciated you starting a blog like this, just sharing the simple things you found to be of interest or humor or whatever. I thought it was really sweet.

and it's always nice to know that there's someone on the other end of these comments actually reading them and taking them to heart; nice to know that we're both interested in what the other has to say. so thanks. =)

love always, pete.

Anonymous said...

pete wentz you're a creep.
go lurk fobr and change it back to the van layout.

2 months til p33n day 08

Anonymous said...

lol he probably read only some of the comments, there's like 115 & i doubt he'd read every single one of them.
if he actually does read this, that's kinda cool but also shows that he has too much free time.

Anonymous said...

You're such a creeper, dude.

But anyway..
You already told us this was just for pictures and things you want, so I don’t see why people are freaking out over it.

Sometimes it's good to have your own space where you can be as shallow as you want. Self indulgence isn't necessarily a bad thing...well, in moderation it isn't.


wow. that whole, sitting on ur front lawn this is kind of like amzing, but yet a lil scary. even tho, i would love to meet you, idk about that. besides, my house is a shit hole. yet even tho. my lawn has snow in it for the first time in many years. and this is my first time ever seeing snow. sad yeah? thats what i thought.

Krissy said...

Dude, he reads the comments. That is awesome in a crazy way!

joseph trohman said...

if i had enough money to have a private jet, i'd be a real jerk for still having that money and not yet giving it to charity.

rich people.
do something productive with your money.

Anonymous said...

from the moment i discovered fall out boy (2005) i have always imagined you as the best friend i never had. the guy ive just wanted to listen to tell me things you know and you think. to just have conversation about life with. you're so open and reading your writings and your lyrics have made me a better writer and a better observer. this may sound all cheesy and stupid but your words have helped me through soo many things. its liek you write what i want to scream sometimes. and you know all those people out there who criticize and cut you down, they must not realize that you are human, an extrordinary human, but human none the less. you've changed, yes, but we all change. and for those out there who try to stunt change, you have a rude awakening.

thank you.
for being pete wentz. and not letting them change that.

Bianca said...

that jet is awesome... I want to be a designer when I grow up.

:) the next Donatella. lol

Anonymous said...

So pete, who cares what people like catharsis20 says, like they matter neways. I admire that you know who you are. you seem very well round (with an edge here and there;) and that makes you, YOU! I enjoy reading your blog,and no its not shallow, actually ther's always something funnyLOL:)

So...Here's to all the my maw-maw says, "if you don't have n-e-thing nice to say don't say anything at all"

Peace, Love, and Rock
By the way.. PETE YOU ARE SUCH A Freakin HOTTIE Love Ya *NEVA*

Mrz.PeterWentz said...

Reading that just gave me a headache cause im pretty sure i could read the words but i couldnt understand them when u bunched them 2getha..well thats not saying much but anyway im glad you pay attention to your fans.
i reckon there was way 2 many comments on FOE to read...i tried reading all the comment about the journal entry you posted about your moustache talking not you and i reckon i got half way through the comments till i gave up cause my eyes were hurting from looking at the computer 2 much! Yep, and thats all I have to say...btw you do a really good job at updating your blogs and the fobrock messageboard, q&a and journal. sO GOOD JOB PETE. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
also: If your gunna be on anyones lawn be n a warm place cause apparently America get real cold in Winter...& its Winter ova there.....SO COME 2 AUSTRALIA (Its a good idea)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your reading what I have to say, cause I'm always reading what you have to say. It makes my brain move.

SummerHun said...

I love how my comments always dissapear when i try to comment stuff [buzznet,blogspot, ect]. anyway
lol i love the massive amounts of comments you get now just cuz you said you read them. youre the biggest creep ever.

Anonymous said...

reading what he just put gave me that strange feeling when you used to get on christmas morning waiting for santa
strange isnt it

Anonymous said...

private jet, seriously? haha yeah, so long as its small. like, enough for--ok, so normal sized for a private jet.

shallow shit's ok too. wishes, dreams, things we want, we need a place to put that shit too.

cause personally, i cant mix the words with the materialism. it kills the flow of the words for me.

haha so i def. just checked my front lawn to make sure you're not stalking me. my neighbors would be like, uhm you know there's a random 20-something year old on your front lawn with his laptop, right?

thanks though. makes me feel somewhat important to someone other than the people i personally know.

sending half-insomnia, poetry and love.

(that makes no sense. s'ok. :)

that girl said...

i dont think my comment posted but my jet would be decked out in hot pick and music instruments hmmm interesting combo


im really glad you actually pay attention to your fans.....haters out there seriously need to stop...they dont know how amazing you actually are....even if you dont believe it yourself.....i can honestly say that you pete wentz have made an impact on my life....

praying to meet you soon
lexa =)

k said...

suppose it wouldn't go in this journal anyway, but you don't seem to write much anymore. real things and real thoughts, i mean, not pointless commentary about salt. i miss it.

Anonymous said...

whoever posted about your neighbors thinking pete was 20something... i think he's past the age where he looks 20 and more towards the end where he looks 30.

Miri said...

So you read the comments, eh?
O HAI THER P3T3!!1 *Waves madly*
Well, since you're following links, you might like to check out FOB macros, if you haven't already - they always manage to make me giggle.
Fall Out Boy are the new LOLcats, apparantly.

miri said...

So you read the comments, eh?
O HAI THER P3T3!!1 *Waves madly*
Well, since you're following links, you might like to check out FOB macros - they always manage to make me giggle.
Fall Out Boy are the new LOLcats, apparantly.

Pixi-sticks said...

Hey peter..Nice to know you actually read our comments...

quite honestly its your blog so your entitled to whatever you feel like.

And that plane is quite snazzyfull..

I want my jet to look like that...

But i guess that means i would need a jet first...


infinity said...

Thanks for caring. If that sounded like sarcasm--it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

a jet would be amazing.
yet I'd rather have a yacht.
either way.

GL on getting your jet.

RileyNinja said...

i want a private jet. but i've pretty much given up on wishing for things cause half the time i dont get them. so its whatevvv. =]

wentz...i'm pretty sure you're the only reason i havent tried to choke myself today. thanks. =]

oh and if you actually are reading should read some of the shit on my blog. its slightly interesting. but not really. it would just be really cool if you did. seeing as most of it is about you. =]

chicagoxpillowz said...

that wasn't creepy at all.

but srsly though, if you're on my front lawn, get off of it. unless like, you're gonna tell me about the medicine man, or buy me gummi bears or something.

yesterday was my birthday! when my mom asked me what i wanted, i said "patrick stump."
and then she hung up in meh' face.

i told my aunt about my predicament and she just laughed and bought me special k chocolatey delight instead. (which is basically like, equivalent to the best.cereal.intheworld.)

loveneverwantedme said...

ive always wondered if you actually read these really means a lot to people like me who love your band and you in general to take the time to stay in touch with everyone. thanks so much!

give hemingway a big kiss for me :)


Katie is hot and you know it! said...

Ants are infesting my house.
There are ants everywhere.
Who has ants in their bed? No-one.
This is why I have to keep my lollipops in the fridge.
One day I'll get first comment and post the first comment video :)

Anonymous said...

not to sound like an utter dweeb but just tell ash her fans are waiting.. love love love. and thanks from the bottom of my heart

*I*swear*to*God*I'm*through*with*this* said...

this is kinda on topic but, hating 'Fall Out Boy' is a popular trend right now its so fucking stupid. MY friend LOVED FOB and she dropped them in a day :( .....i guess its these "fads" who set the fans apart from the fans right?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you write down you read our comments and comments themselves jump from 60 to 142 (not counting mine.)

I want a private jet to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,

Here's an interesting yet disturbing yet hilarious video you might like. You may have seen it already, I just discovered it and had to watch it twice, can't decide if I like it or not.

mas macs said...

dude u gots money,,,, dont act innocent, how much did ya get for the penis pics? kiddin just kiddin

sense of humor here...

Anonymous said...

imagine if you spilled grape juice on better hire a maid yet too then

Emily said...

Oh Pete! LOL. You are pretty funny! I'd like a private jet too as well as a truckload of clandestine stuff.

Thanks for writing a blog! It's hella neato!

P.S.-Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!

thatgeek. said...

Proportionally speaking, that squirrel has bigger balls than you.

Anonymous said...

Ignore my waste of a comment, but I knew someone had to be reading this shit, because comments have been getting deleted.

Anyways I'm all for you getting that laptop...come on mac work it out

his weakness said...

Following the links in the chain that keep me tied to this house from getting to you . If you sat in my front lawn i would buy you the new macbook . And personally i love the new blog . Its exctly what mine would look like if I only had the time for one. It tells more of the person you are and how you really dont care how everyone views your personality . Behind the magazine interviews you cant even read between the lines to figuer out how the person really is . Its a great change .

taylor said...

(possible cloverfield spoilers)

pete- ru aware that one of the dates in cloverfield was patricks birthday? you know, in the beginning. me and my friend were like patricks birthday orly?
oh, and why do you think the movie was called cloverfield? tbh i thought it had nothing to do w/ the movie. but it was awesome.

The.Rowan said...

I'm glad you're reading our comments and stuff; it makes me feel less alone.
Ya'know, today after some interesting debacles I had with my (Ex)bandmates, I had a fight so catasropic that I ran outside, in the freezing cold, stood right on the edge of a tree filled valley which is the dividing line between my school's campus and the rest of the world and just screamed
and screamed
and wished I could get out of this town and away from these people.

Then I realized I was locked out.

Eventually, a little eight-grader let me in.


but I'm better now.

Check out my band's (different band's) blog, eh?

much apprieciated, Pete.
Thanks for reading this.

Anonymous said...

how can someone just change so much that they grow out of a best friend?

Josie said...

Pete -
If you're reading what we're saying..
why don't you reply to questions on FOBRock that mean the world to diehards..?
I was in tears the last time I left you a message.

AJ said...

Good to know you read our comments =) And that Im at a loss for words other than that.

dustonabutterflyswing said...

Wow, I'm very impressed Pete (regarding the fact that you read the posts, but do you read all of them?) I would if I was bored and famous. Its fun to see what people up chuck. As far as the private jet.... Yours will be ready soon. THey are having a problem matching the interior to your glow in the dark dunk highs and Tom says he wants to keep his other arm and leg so it may be awhile. But rest assured Cory said he'll throw you a party to celebrate its arrival.Hee Hee Like they say, the best things in life are worth the wait. Shahhhh.

dustonabutterflyswing said...

Oh and I don't like to say HEE HEE but my 15 year old son says its the proper way to laugh, he says we don't say HAHA we say HEeHeE. I have to trust him on that one, he hasnt steered me wrong yet, besides its all those CD's he's played in the car and on my ipod that has gotten me to this point.

sydney said...

if i ever have (which I highly doubt I will) a private jet, that's totally how the interior will look. pretty sick.

i find it funny how people think that you don't bother to read the comments that people make or think to click on their blogspot links.

I mean, any person out there would be curious as to what other people's comments are. It's natural for humans to want to know what other people think. And of course they would stalk someone else's blogspot. Everyone does. just like that kids book, "everyone poops." haha.

but besides that, the fact that you are currently on my front lawn is relatively creepy.

p.s. i have a letter that i've been trying to give to the band since YWT in Long Beach. The security made us leave afterwards. Hopefully that can make it to you guys soon. it's kind of important.

worst kind of weapon said...

haha i love some of the comments on these posts.

Sheila said...

That is a slick jet. I don't think that I'd ever like a jet like that. I'd feel like I needed to party constantly in it to put it adequate use. And they'd put me in rehab or something. And then I'd have to write a song about it or something.

You're not being shallow at all. As long as you have fun blogging, it doesn't matter either. It's really refreshing to see this updated as regularly as you've been keeping it actually, being used to the sporadic updates of the FOBR and other blogs you've kept :]

I'm kind of surprised you read these. Well not 'omwtfwhyamil337speaking' kind of surprised, but pleasantly surprised. I know a lot of people have been kind of critical with you being 'distant from the fans', but I think you just proved them spectacularly wrong. Your famous, we're not. We can't expect the world from you, and honestly, I think just knowing you care enough to read our words meaning more to me (personally maybe) than anything else you could realistically do for me/us.

(And if you're going to sit on my lawn, let me know so I can melt some of the snow so you won't have a wet butt.)

moosiegoosie said...

macbook touch.

natalie_lynn said...

knowing that you actually read the comments and you somewhat care what your fanss think puts a smile on my face.

hahaa (:

Anonymous said...

dude its offly cold out side... i would advise you to get some hand warmers at the walgreens uptown.. i mean if ur gonna sit on my lawn u should atleat be comfortable-ish

brokenheartedAMY said...

you read these, sweet...if i got this many i probably wouldn't read them all, it would take too long, pshh i wouldn't blame you lol...just like on you can't possibly read allllll the questions, but you don't get bitched for it cause we know that we wouldn't...most people don't even have q-and-a's, you are something special...but for the record i 've sent alot of questions, and none have been answered, and im hoping you might read this, and answer me on my blog? i am a huge fan of you guys...i went to the ywt concert in ottawa, and you called us all mother fuckers and everything lol, so here's my question...when the day comes, 18 years from now, will you play my wedding lmao, i converted my boyfriend into a fan becuase any one who dates me, kind of has to like you...or they will have there ass dumped kidding but it pisses me off when people talk shit about fob, like your my secret insecurites being pointed and laughed at when i know something even more embarrassing about them? weird i can't explain that lol, but if you guys have broken up, i will try so hard to make up as much money as possible because me dream come true would be getting married and dancing to me&you :), just cause all your older stuff is well, not marrige material lmao, sexual inuendoes and talking about exes and that haha, but if greg and i get married, like we plan our wedding...please?

JadziaDragonRider said...

It's not necessary to justify. Just let the shit lie. Folks who get it will, and the other jokers won't.

Having said that, Lawry's is pretty good but really all one ever needs in life is either Louisiana, Frank's, or Crystal hot sauce to make the most bland husk of a meal a delicacy. Trufax.

Anonymous said...

dude, notice you get flooded in comments once u say u read them? hahaha

Christie said...

“You've got to know your limitations. I don't know what your limitations are. I found out what mine were when I was twelve. I found out that there weren't too many limitations, if I did it my way.”

Johnny Cash...amazing man!

<3 Christie

eric stoltz was robbed said...

How many frickin' blogs do you have, dude??

Out of curiosity, have you heard Empires? Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

don't worry pete, i think your blog rocks ass. =)

MysticMemory said...

I create (graphic's on the computer,drawing in my sketch book's)..all day everyday, since i'm always in my head.
do you like this song?
"here i go again on my own going down the only road i've ever known like a drifter i was born to walk alone and i've made up my mind i ain't wasting no more time...but here i go again here i go again here i go[drag out]"
that song came on my playlist and the lyrics
"it's all a game of this or that" came up at the top of my head and the song "hum halleluijah" came on randomly picked since my playlist is on shuffle.
my mind notice's things like that because theirs like is a ahead of the other by a little.

p.s. I listened to the lyrics of the song you wrote "my tits". You should have a chick with real tits that are like [shocking] and get it recorded somehow...
hint hint

Stacy said...

I think everyone has the write to express his or her own opinion, I know I do even though it does annoy those around me at times. With that said could you imagine what the world we be like with out the ability to express ones feelings.

I often ask myself if the ability to express myself to the world through the internet is a blessing or a curse? Which would you say?

Emily Was Trying To Think Of Something Clever said...


oh by the way

my names Emily and i Wish i was a big deal

oh i went there

lame again?
i definately think so

lemonzy_fresh said...

dude that is pretty effing awesome...Congratulations gained at least one new fan tonight...My best friend Claire is now in love with you also...Cloverfield sucks dont waste your time or your blows....I hated it....ya.....go see something eles.....anything other than that piece of crap...

i can haz sanity? said...

Forget the private jet and start talking up secret lairs instead. The market's wide open on those. They leave you ass out for travel, but there's so much more room for design.

For moblity in style, I suggest wings (sprouting from shoulder blades or afixed to a pair of really awesometastic sneakers). If you're gonna fly high, do it right.

And response to this all being shallow? *shrug* Yeah, I guess it is. But the fact that you find Lawrys Seasoning Salt so good that it warrants a blog post? Pretty much the best thing ever.

Jamie said...

Pete is awesome enough to read what everyone has to say. :]
That's why we all love him.

It's a little way of showing the he really cares about his fans. :]

That makes me love you even morrrre. Ahhh.

- Jamie

hayley said...

It's crazy that you read all of these comments.

You really care about the people that care about you.

alyson said...

hey pete.
not sure if you're going to see this. along with the other 200 comments. you're a popular dude. . .
anyways - i just wanna get clarification if you got the gift eve & i got you from on December 28th at the clandestine store. it was the pink octopus toy for Hemingway, the Christmas ornament, the mac&cheese. all wrapped in the cool transformers bags. here i'll show you a picture of it all wrapped up. maybe it will bring you some memories or like i'm not sure. but here it goes Lol.
that's a link to the picture. take a look when you get a chance. it was from eve & alyson. i'm not going to put my last name on here... anways yeah. we also enclosed our own letters and we made a CD for you - hopefully you know what i'm talking about and hopefully you checked it out. x]
i'll talk to you later. take it easy, pete. hope all's going good.

ICauseCancer said...


Sup home dawg skillet G-Man?

Im not sure why Im typeing a comment...maybe its because...nope, nvm!

...U rock!

^(*o*)^ (>*o*)> (v*o*)^ <(*o*)>

Like my mad kong fu skills?

Hundreds of comments...thats alot to read...I'd read them all for you, but my ADD is killing me right now X)

OH! Hey! While your outside, could you take the trash down to the road for me, Ty!

If could be any vegitable, I would be a mushroom....wait...mushrooms aren't veggies...oh well!

welps, g2g, nice talkin to ya pete!

<3 your daily does of cancer

112 said...

dude.. you inspire me so much, im starting to play guitar with many doubts from people that i will become good...but listening to fall out boy and my chem and all that... it makes me just wanna freaking start shreding on that guiatr and jumping around... my parents always ask me what i want to do with my life... what job i want to pursue..even though im only in seventh grade..i never tell them the truth.. but i know what i want to be... and i know alot of kids say this, but, i want to be a rock scratch that..i could care less if i was a star..i just wanna freking rock...
i want to say all the bands who inspired determined to be in a band with my friends... and i dont want to sound too cocky but... this is a musician in the making (serously..the really, really, early stages, so it might take a while)

Chicago sends it's love to the dancefloor =)

p.s- we also miss you alot, now, we dont want you to wear yourselves out but...a tour would be awsome...
best concert ever in the world if you toured with:
my chem
taking back sunday
the red jumpsuit apparatuss
the academy is
panic(!)at the disco
armor for sleep

Rock On.

[ epiphany ] said...

if you are sitting on my front lawn, then hello to you Pete! but this is sucky Indy and it seriously is 18 degrees out right now so you're probably a Petey Popsicle by now. haha hope all is well tho... and i love this blog, it's very nifty! and makes me smile! but i wish you'd allow comments on your other blog :(

Sia said...

I love that you take the time to write up stuff like this. You have a unique way of telling things how they are. Keep doing it, no matter what anyone says.

Betsy said...

My lawn? What a shame, you just missed the Christmas display.

That room is awesome in theory, but I'd be too scared of staining it to actually enjoy it.

p.s. I think most people really did read that entry, although I do also kind of want the t-shirt.

xwendyxdarlingx said...

dude, i know i few people have said this but if you're on my front lawn i hope you're dressed like a fucking eskimo cause its like crazy cold out there.

hey you can always come in and get warm if you want lol.

also, the only people who would read this blog and then complain are people whoneed to get a life and therefore aren't worth your time or anyone elses. i personally think most of the stuff you've talked about on here is pretty cool and who cares whether or not your getting free stuff out of it (it be pretty cool if you were yes?)

(fob was in the word verification thingy. that made me laugh.)

Anonymous said...

I want to sit out on a lawn but there's nothing but dirt here. We know you are sharing fun things with us so don't let people get you

AgentJane said...

fuck the fancy-schmancy decor, i'd like a plane that takes away my fear of flying. that outweighs everything. although, i suppose that's what my xanax (and red wine) is for.

caller_337 said...

Are you as amazingly excited for the Where The Wild Things Are movie as I am?

You should try and get some good words in and have Fall Out Boy do a little something for the soundtrack... or at least the credits at the end. That is if Karen-O isn't doing the entire thing...

And wouldn't that just be made of dreams to have a private jet! But that would give a new reason to complain about fuel prices.

gimone said...

You said you follow the links.
This one too?

(it's a joke, so no hard feelings?)
I got it from and I immediately thought about your post so... :D

xxx Joke (yeah, that's really my first name)

Carissa :) said...

i get it it's sorta like how people want to know everything about you, so then you go and follow us. aaaaaahhhhh everything is messed up right now. too much to say. interview with snargle

go watch it then rate it. my brother will be like, who did this? hahahahahahahaha my brother filmed it and his friends are in it. it's not their best but there is more coming soon. okayimdonenowbye.

19Annie88 said...

Hmm that is really nice. I would love something so lovely in MY private jet.. haha.
It's good to know Petey that you're reading what we have to say and you can sit on my front lawn anytime honey ;)
Maybe we'll even invite you in for dinner once or twice.
Sending you my love! <3

Anonymous said...

If you're reading comments, then these are some design blogs that you might like.

All of them are really neat.

Laur said...

thanks, Pete

breakawishbone said...

people have really skewed views of celebrity, i feel. i just think its cool when people show others the random little things that they like.

breakawishbone said...

and if you're looking for links, ps, this is pretty awesome:

Anonymous said...

Pete, you're welcome on my front lawn (or you would be, if I had one) anytime. I'm quickly becoming a fan despite being out of your general demographic (thirtysomething women REPRESENT, yo). I really like the level of reality and openness you bring to your fans in your various blogs. It would probably be easier to shut that off now that you've achieved success, and you haven't. Thanks for that, and sorry for all the crap you prob read about yourself on the internet.


P.S. Thanks for Panic at the Disco, too. I will love you forever for that. xoxo

Tiffany [Left and Right] said...

That's pretty sharp [the design]. I'd want something like that in my livingroom, actually. There are these ugly blue and like, tan checkered things in there that I want to toss out, but unfortunately they're not mine.

I think you can find away to get all the shit you lust after. Keep plugging- interloping magazines should pick up on it soon. Pick it. Pick your nose.

Yeah...I sometimes read the comments people leave you, they're pretty entertaining...However, I do feel like a bit of a stalker for doing it. It blows my mind that you do read these though. Makes me feel not so bad about being too into it.

I'm still quite lame though. I love this. I love you.
Please, for the sake of my sanity, never quit blogging. Keep on. Long. And hard.

That's what Pete said. xP

brokenheartedAMY said...

im deeply distorted inside, depressed, and sincerly divinely alone, though i wear a mask to seem okay its not true, im a fake, a liar, acting my way with smiles through life...inside im screaming for help out of this envy me, when i am only what noone wishes to become

saving_latinx said...

it's raining on my front lawn
which is made from bricks actually
but it has a good view

i think everyone is partly shallow at times...

thenameiscalli said...

damn 3 am u need sleep ahaha.
i wish i had a damn nice jet like that, omg that would be the shit. haha all the stuff u talk about i REALLY REALLY want but totall cant afford it.. right now. one day one day. Dream big, Fly far. :)

but i like the blog check daily for updates. so keep it coming (on all blogs u have please.)

it is okay to be shallow every once in a while, who hasnt been that way. we all crave,lust,wish dream. its only human nature to want and need.
so stupid bitches who probably arent saints. need to get over themselves. Reality check ur human too and if havent ever wanted something really badly or just admired something then i dont know wut u are...cuz writing that in itself is kinda shallow. stupid.

<3 ya pete

thenameiscalli said...

ps u can sit on my lawn any day. :]

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