Friday, January 18, 2008

a sidenote

i guess some people got the idea that the companies who created many of the products on here are paying me to advertise for them. well as much as id like a years supply of lawrys or steve jobs to send me that insane ass macbook touch prototype- i have a feeling i wont be getting either. honestly, im not that important. though if someone wants to put a word in id love to get this sick versace interior design on my private jet (oh yeah i dont have a jet either so if you could throw that in too). anyway, this blog is for fun. it is pretty shallow. its about design and wishes and pictures. not so much words, grammar or any deeper sense of understanding. this is the shit i think is cool some of it i have most of it i cant find or afford.

" catharsis20 said...
kind of snuck out of my body for a moment.
kind of cool.
lack of sleep is wonderful.

you should try it sometime.

i don't think he cares if the world agrees with him.
i don't count this as cynism
but i wish everyone would get over their materialism..
as stupid or as useless as that might be.

'go to sleep, kid. no one's listening.'

i doubt he reads your comments.

January 14, 2008 9:53 PM"

im reading what you have to say. following your links. sitting on your front lawn.


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Elizabeth Reluctance said...

that sidenote was nice to hear.

Shaun said...

this entry made me smile all day... I would love to walk outside and see you on my front lawn. I would offer you a warm jacket and a cup of cocoa. lol

B-Money said...

Ahhh Pete Wentz is stalking me?! Hmm, part scary, part cool...

I wonder if this is how Patrick Stump feels all the time?

Anonymous said...

if you want thing that are pleasing to look at type johnny vox into youtube his video are amazing, just thought you may like it.

p.s. really want a versace plane! its bad taste in the best way!

xoxolinz said...

So you're the gnome staring at me outside my window? Ahh... makes sense now

constantlybored said...

well, i'm flattered that you're out on my front lawn, but i must warn you; ontario, california = the ghetto of san bernardino county. seriously. go inside before you get shot.

kourtneybogle said...

Hey Pete, I love all your blogs, they are funny.

It would be amazing if you were on my front lawn, next time you and Ashlee are in Oahu you can stay at our place.

Lowry's is amazing.

nafs said...

dude, everyone needs somewhere to post about shiny things, attainable or non.

That jet interior is far too white for me, I'd be spilling things all over the place. Does it come with maid service?

My lawn is currently too cold for human habitation right now but you're free to click on links if you really want to. I'm not sure you do though!

catharsis20 said...

i know this doesn't matter.
this isn't the kind of thing to waste anyone's night over.
the kind of thing that's not inconsequential.
it's a let down to be realistic, but sometimes it's infectious, and after all, what have we got to go on if we can't have truth.
i [think i]know that you mean well, but you're just deluding your fans into thinking you have time for all of them. for the individual. for something more than the 'thank you' at the end of a speech or a journal entry.
life isn't fair and setting people up with false hope isn't the best way to help them fall asleep at night.
eventually people have to come to terms; you're not their neighbor, you're not some guy in the supermarket. you're another intangible part of living; celebrity, circulated, whatever you please.
for all we know this isn't even you. for all it matters, it isn't. We'll never get the chance to find out.

this is heartfelt and worthless. a complete and total waste. i don't mean a fucking word i say. preoccupied with hoping i'm wrong. the premonition and shortsightedness to believe i'm not.
set us up with hope: 'hate me and i'll notice you. I'll prove you wrong but I can't prove you right.'

i'm passing judgments in light of the loss of all impediments. in light of constant criticism, i'm just going to say I have nothing to say and hope to leave it at that.
for the record, there isn't one. And i don't matter.
sick of feeling in analogies.
dear peter wentz, i love you or i don't, there are no in betweens anymore. sick of in betweens and not knowing enough to ever judge. inaccuracy is nothing new.
i feel stupid typing the name. even moreso since we've never met and there's no hint of possibility anywhere in the midst of obsession.
you don't have to prove anything. you don't owe me.
i can't blame you for everything you are and everything i adore.
i am pathetic, melodramatic, teenage, and cliche, blended and personified. everything better left unsaid or already been said a million times before. traces of misplaced desperation, the pathetic ability to keep talking when everyone's gone home, turned out the lights and gone to bed.

apologyapologyapology. can't aplogize enough for everything i am.

i still don't believe him.

atheera said...

woah..the last part is kinda a bit of a shocker..guess she'll have to take back her words now..but its nicely written anyway :)

janette_falls said...

Oh No. He is human.
God..forgive him.
Seriously ppl.
Get over what u believe.
He is just someone who made it.
And u wish u could have gotten that far.
Haters should be banned on every level.
But then again..they can make u popular.
Dumb asses.
Sorry for the ones who care to read this.
Insomnia is fun.
Agreed..His blog..His choice.

kimpuff said...

sitting on your front lawn.

Oh my, that's... that's... well, that's absolutely terrifying to be quite honest. :)

Leave the stalking to the crazed fangirls, Wentz. They're easily spotted in bright pink shirts, can't whisper well, and travel in packs. Much safer for the stalkee.

~ Kimberly Cheesepuff

horror park rat jessica said...

Because, unlike other bands, Fall Out Boy does care about their fans.
And don't give a fuck about their enemies.

You may not have a private jet, but you do share a tour bus with Joe.
That alone is probably eventful.

Nyaka said...

I don't see you on my front lawn.And I think i'll never see you there.cause you don't even answer my messages.I don't think, that you are shallow...may be i've said something of the sort on FriendsOrEnemies..but i was in despair cause ..everyday i see you on my poster in my room.i see your eyes..i see something sad in them.even when you smile your eyes are are very handsome, Pete, but the most beautiful thing is the moonlight in your eyes..i gone mad ..i wanted to know what a man is behind this eyes,but i didn't get the unswer..i'm ill now.i've been staying at home for a week already.i have a headacke and i must be lying in my bad. but i'm writing to why can't you write to me if you are not in such difficult conditions?i don't think that it is too difficult.may be i'm too annoying,but nobody knows what's gonna happen tomorrow:may be you 'll find it interesting to have some conversation with me a message on FriendsOrEnemies...PLEEEEEASE...

TurnUpTheMusicc said...

i read that comment. lol.

it isn't shallow. every wants something. and if u get it all, then there is nothing to look forward to.

i want lots of cool stuff too. and the grammar thing everyone got worked up about it. lol.

glad u read the comments. makes my day just a bit brighter. =D

alexis said...

You're on my front lawn? You are seriously the tiniest lawn gnome I've ever seen buddy. Like, microscopic. =]
If I knew someone who could get you a touch mac, I wouldn't be typing on my piece of shit computer. But uh, next time I swing by The Apple Store, I'll make sure to drop in a good word for you.
"Hey uhm. . .*insert name on name tag here* this little dude from Chicago. . .a uhm. . .Peter Wentz. . .he uhh. . .well he promotes your shit. You should give him free stuff. Oh and I'll take that Mac right there. . .put it on his tab? Cool."
Only something tells me my plans will be foild. But it's worth a shot, no?

contorted love said...

i find joys in being last comment

though i know there will be others after me.

its strange to think youre sitting on my front lawn when i dont actually have any front lawn.

eh. and now im trying too hard.

Anonymous said...

im tired.

tread softly said...

i'm tired too.
it's three days past my bed time.

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