Friday, January 11, 2008

tyga doing 'big cousin'

a take on kanye doing this one about jay. i think its pretty sweet.


sincerely yours said...

tyga makes me bop my head (kinda) and kanye makes me think (sorta). thanks for having me thinkbop.

AriasThePirate said...

ive always liked kanye

'my big cousin like my big brotha, son of ma aunt sisters or ma mother'

i love this song!

tto,tbo said...

Tyga was a good addition to the decaydance family.

You are making good choices, there are more bands to be found.

Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Hey be on the look out for something called spinCONTROL. It will change bands forever! Look for it, it's coming....

Beduss said...

Ahs, i love kanye, and im probably going to listen to tyga more now.
And Peter, another journal? Wow, a record maybe.
And i cant stop laughing at how much you're mentioned in Everybody Hurts.

Anonymous said...

hold up wait, mentioned in Everybody Hurts... Whats that?

Melanie said...

Not so much my style, but still pretty good =)

martah said...

that's a nice one :) very nice

Beduss said...

A book that tells you how to be an emo and stuff. It funny as fuck. And there's an email in the back from Pete to the authors. Everything in that book is hilarious

missyrock said...

you've got to be kidding me. funny stuff.... and hey thanks for the info.

fobtbsfl! bam! 03 said...

i like kanyes songs.
hes one of my favorite rappers.
but.. im not really much of a rap person.

19Annie88 said...

I love this.

Let me start out by saying I've loved Kanye since the 'College Dropout' LP. He opened for an Usher concert I went to and I immediatey fell in love with his flow and had to get the album the very next day. Fuck the haters, Kanye is right up there with Jay-Z in my book.

Next let me say..

I remember seeing Tyga at YWTT with GCH right before you guys came on and I thought he was great. He is a fresh new face bringing fresh new hip-hop to a genre who seems to be all about money, hoes and stupid repetivive nonsense for lyrics these days.

As a lover of TRUE hip-hop, I'm hoping to see big things from him.

Roxanne said...

I love kanye. his cover with daft punk on spin magazine is legendary. He's seriously this century's Midas. Gold.

this new foray added to the decaydence label could prove to be fruitful

Linda said...

it is just ok.
he is dope but anyone can spit rhymes at that speed.
i want to hear him go faster?

Anonymous said...

wow link reached limit...I'll have to find somewhere else but most of the reviews are good.

sunnie said...

"The download limit has been reached for this file.


The link you have clicked is not available."

Can you re-upload, please? :)

just another romantic said...

rad song
pretty catchy

sarah said...

aw :(
'The download limit has been reached for this file.'

really like tyga though

sarah said...

aw :(
'The download limit has been reached for this file.'

really like tyga though

TurnUpTheMusicc said...

heyy pete.
so, i picked one that had the least amount of comments so possibly it will be a bit easier to read this. if u do. whichi really hope you do. =]
[i do like kanye tho]

so, i just wanted to let u know that your music really means a lot to me, and i can really connect to it and is like the soundtrack to my life. lol. so, i just wanted to let you know. and... idk, i just hope things are going well for you.

get sleep.
post some more stuff.