Saturday, January 19, 2008


rarely do i do anything that involves me getting up from a computer keyboard. in this case trav has been staying at my house for a week and we decided to do a collection of visual art. each piece in a 100 percent collaboration between trav and i. i doubt anyone will ever see these.


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horror park rat jessica said...

I think you should make those into Clandestine hoodies.

Left and Right said...

I used words I never thought I would when I saw and read this post:
"That is fucking amazing". Hoo boy. You disintegrate my vocabulary. Travis just blows my mind. Like a fucking hand grenade.
However, you can't just let them sit there like that. You must pop people's eyes out with them. They're dangerous. WEAPONS.

...I'm sorry. My boyfriend just burped, then farted. I'm under the influence right now.
...I want to make you something.

TurnUpTheMusicc said...

wow. that is pretty cool. good job guys! next time, finger paint something. those are the best

anddd this blog is WICKED POPULAR already. =[

loveneverwantedme said...

thats awesome! i would love to sit around with a friend and make cool art for a week. the peices look great!

have fun, get some sleep, tell trav hello :)

Melanie said...

I know that there are alot of comments on this blog, and I've already posted a comment but...

I just wanted to tell you how much the music you and your band makes means to me.

My friend has just recently been diagnosed with brain, lung, and spine cancer. She had tried to commit suicide two days ago, and my grandmother is in the hospital, her heart is failing.

It's been really hard to deal with, but what ever I've been upset Fall Out Boy's music has been there for me from when Take This To Your Grave first came out, up until this very moment.

I don't know how else to thank you, besides actually saying "Thank you".

This comment may get lost upon all the other comments, but I hope that you stumble upon it. =]

Manda Panda said...

That's beautiful, I wish my art was that good. I kind of suck at like everything I do. lol.

andymo1984 said...


that last one made my day
wrote a poem about it
of words that had been hanging out with the monsters under your bed

i'd love to see more of these paintings. they are incredible.

fluorescent adolescent said...

welches ftw.

moonstone1132 said...

Hey Pete,
I know that if i want any response at all in time, i'd better start asking now.
On the weekend on march 7th, our school's honor society is going to NYC.
There's no way for me to put this tactfully, or even in a way that may seem usefull to you. but would you consider going to NYC that weekend? It's always been my friend and i's dream to meet you (well, mine more so) and seeing as you probably haven't even heard of Syracuse, this may be our only opportunity.
I understand that my chances of growing another head are probably better than meeting you in NYC, but hey. If i dont ask then i'll never recieve!

tessabear77 said...

What the fuck? So I'm not the only one who loves these? Well good. I hate being a loner sometimes, even though being a rebel is good as well. Well Pete, Trav. Wanna join my club? Its awesome! For those people who are crazy as fuck and loving it! Now, I want some spray paint. I'm probably going to go steal one of my mom's canvases. Real smooth for me. Then I get smacked but oh well. Oh, by the way. I totally spazzed when I saw the piano in the background of one. I was like "Omfg! Pete has a piano!" and practically foamed at the mouth. Then I remembered you played and I was like, "Damn, bummer." Sorry. Still love the art. You should totally put pain in some cans of pop with the pop in them, shake them up then like through them or spray them on some canvas. Just an idea. Stupid but hey, aren't we all?

shelbyisblind said...

one day you should.

Lyss said...

Many people would be willing to shell out money for those paintings for the simple reason of who you are, even if you don't think they are worth much. Mabye you should auction them off and donate the money to charity, if they are just going to sit in a corner otherwise...

alexis said...

Can I have one? I'd sport that in my living room. I think my favorite piece is in the second picture. Yup, I'm definetly feeling the Welch's Strawberry soda can. =]

frenchie713 said...

these are awesome. i'd love to see more. ever think about making an inspiration book? like where you put in pictures of all of these, and basically everything else you post on here, along with some lyrics that we haven't seen and whatever else inspires you, patrick, joe, andy, travie, and whoever else into a BOOK?? i think that would be amazing. then uninspired people like myself could look at it to become inspired and make our own cool stuff.

give it some thought.

dakotaxliz said...

you could probably auction those off and have the proceeds go to art programs in schools or something. i know you are always donig your part to help out and those talents shouldn't be wasted. also, i really just want one, they are really cool.

loadedgunsxtoourheads said...

i'll give you $75,834,790,758,349,758
for those. [:


but i'd have to meet you & the guys first.

i make no sense.. ]:

raya said...

i think itd be awesome if later on some of those involved heath ledger headlines. miss that guy. and it looks like you guys camped out in that living room for days.

Anonymous said...

You guys should make the art you do available through the clandstine web store and not just allow people in Chicago to buy it at the store there....spread the love around a little.

HospiceIsMyLife said...

I just bought my very own home(with my husband and my 4 month old little man) I was wondering if I could borrow some art for my home? I have looked everywhere and nothing moves me, I could move with those works. Let me know.

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